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  Any surface can be a work of art with textured wall wraps.  
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    Does your business have walls that aren’t perfectly smooth, like brick, concrete block or industrial stucco, or even wood? Do you wish you could enhance the look of those walls, but don’t know where to start? Textured wall wraps may very well be your answer!


    With a textured wall wrap, you can grab attention, create an immersive experience, and most of all infuse your personality into your space. You can also cover unsightly walls in an affordable and easy way. With textured wall wraps you can make your business stand out among the rest.

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    Why Use Textured Wall Wraps?

    Many businesses have less time and resources than ever to make an impression. That’s why maximizing your space and branding your business’s image are important. Vinyl wall wraps can be adhered to nearly any wall, from cinder blocks and bricks to stucco and more. By using your available space effectively you can encourage clientele to consider your brand and motivate them to take action.

    Textured vinyl wall coverings may be used to your advantage in the following ways:

    Branding From Floor to Ceiling

    The energy of your space "speaks" to anybody who enters your business. What does your banquet hall, convention center, or party room have to say? It could infuse the room with warmth, add a bit of character, or make the space feel peaceful. You can convey whatever message or feeling you want to!

    Textured wall wraps are also a great option for exterior walls. Draw customers in with an exciting mural, inspiring quote, or even your restaurant’s menu. You can brand your message from floor to ceiling if you want to.

    Attract More Potential Customers

    Social media marketing is here to stay but word-of-mouth and larger-than-life graphics are still powerful tools to communicate a message. In fact, some businesses even utilize graphics to fuel social media marketing. This is especially true if your wall wrap makes for an exciting backdrop for pictures. Design something exciting, have it professionally installed, and create a social media hashtag, and you may be well on your way to garnering more attention and customers for your business. It gets people talking!

    Do you have a large space in a museum, university, or stadium that you want to utilize? Then the sky’s the limit for what you can do. You have ample real estate to work with.

    Communicate a Message to Those That Pass by

    Having crisp, high-quality visuals will put your message front and center. If designed and installed correctly, signage can be extremely effective.

    Do you want to highlight a particular message at your gathering? Or give some sort of direction to viewers? It’s easier than ever with customizable wall wraps. You can communicate where guests should go, what your business offers, and so much more. And one of the best things about textured wall wraps is that they’re easy to remove and won’t put wear and tear on your walls. So whether your message changes with each event or remains constant, you always have the freedom to make changes.

    Also, did you know that wall wraps are extremely durable and even energy-efficient? Instead of investing in paint that can easily chip away, consider a hardy vinyl wall wrap.

    Ready to install your textured wall wrap? Contact one of our UASG 3M Certified Graphic Installation Companies today to help give form to your fabulous ideas.

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    When & Where to Use Textured Wall Wraps

    A skyscraper in a teeming metropolis. A quaint gastropub in a trendy suburb. An iconic grandstand at a beloved raceway. These are all great spots to display exciting graphics. Here are some more examples of how textured wall wraps can turn a normal facade into a masterpiece:

    • Restaurant interiors: Cover plain-Jane walls with branded graphics customers can read without squinting. Supersize your branding and make the space uniquely yours. You can use the graphics to direct your clients to get in line and order or whatever you need them to do!
    • Brick alleys: Turn a dull alley into a billboard or an art installation with vibrant, textured wall wraps.
    • Retaining walls: One option is to simply beautify your surroundings. Another is to reinforce your brand by turning boring retaining walls into instant billboards.
    • Unsightly utility buildings: Your water park has to have an electricity or plumbing room, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly and plain. Decorate it with the theme of your attraction using vinyl wall wraps, no matter what texture walls you’re working with.
    • Parking garages: Bring a little bit of joy to attendees by turning a drab parking garage into a more exciting space. Better yet, install wayfinding signs and themes that help clientele remember where they parked!
    • Waiting areas: We all have to wait sometimes, whether at the DMV or doctor’s office. Create a calming, soothing atmosphere with graphics over textured walls.
    • Museum exteriors: Have a limited-time exhibition? There’s no better way to advertise than with a wall wrap! A large wall wrap can even draw in those that drive by.
    • Car dealerships: Sure, they’re famous for the inflatable tube man or sparkling streamers, but maybe there’s a better way to advertise. Car dealership owners are no strangers to using their lots to grab drivers’ attention, so why not utilize your building's exterior space for all of that razzle and dazzle?
    • Urban public spaces: Anyone interested in beautifying an urban space should consider using textured wall graphics. They’re perfect for creating mural-like art installations.
    • Sports arenas: Celebrate winning the finals, bowl, or series with a floor-to-ceiling textured wall wrap. It can go on the exterior of your sports facility to highlight the team’s accomplishments or the upcoming game schedule.

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    Types of Customized Textured Wall Wraps

    Make an impact with innovative wall wraps that go beyond a billboard. Make everyone who sees it do a double-take. The ultimate goal is to make your wall unforgettable!

    Here’s a sampling of possible textured wall wraps you can integrate into your next event:

    • Murals
    • Wayfinding signage (provides directions)
    • Flags and banners
    • Signs and posters
    • Menu signage
    • Event preview advertising
    • Branded decals

    With so many choices, textured wall wraps are an efficient and affordable solution for many businesses. They’re a great option for surfaces that are a little trickier to work with, like stucco, wood, and brick. Whether your project is large or small, indoor or outdoor—our UASG 3M Certified Graphics Installation Companies can help turn your vision into a reality.

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