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Turn your vehicles into mobile advertising machines.
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    HVAC truck with a blue and white wrap promoting the business.

    [*Photos of Actual Fleet Wraps Installed]

    Did you know a single wrapped truck or trailer gets millions upon millions of impressions each year? And that's inside your sales territory in many if not most cases. (Discover how many millions and other surprising statistics below!)

    Every business faces big challenges, but smart advertising can minimize many of those problems in a heartbeat. Fleet wraps happen to be one of the smartest advertising and brand awareness decisions you can make. Fleet vehicle graphics plant your brand in front of an endless supply of new customers in your sales territory - every day.

    They turn your commercial vehicles into branded vehicles - advertising machines that sell sell sell - even while sitting in traffic, or in a parking lot. High quality, well-designed commercial fleet graphics can give your fleet a uniform image and message. And getting that message out there in front of potential customers will bring more customers to your business.

    Let's explore what these wraps are and how they can bring a massive ROI in the form of new, cash-heavy customers to your door!

    What Are Fleet Wraps & How Do They Benefit Your Business?

    Fleet wraps use graphics, text, logos, and colors printed on adhesive vinyl. Your fleet vehicles, whether buses, trucks, cars or trailers, transform into a mobile advertising team filling your sales territory with you. Your brand. Your message. The vehicle wrap design can incorporate part of a vehicle, or wrap it completely so that no paint shows.

    It also helps improve your business's brand awareness, brand uniformity, and much more. Let's take a look at how much more below.

    Why Use Fleet Wraps For Your Business

    The biggest benefit fleet vehicle graphics offer your business is advertising! Your trucks, box trucks or vans become mobile media overnight. Your image now reaches more people in more places.

    Fleet vehicle graphics and fleet wraps are certainly highly effective, and more effective than billboards according to some. (Which tend to be more expensive than wraps by the way.)

    According to Plumbing & Mechanical, 96% of RYP & Becker Group respondents said vehicle advertising “is the most impactful form of outdoor advertising.”

    And these statistics from multiple studies and sources seem to back that up:

    • One truck with fleet vehicle graphics can get over 16-million impressions in a single year. And a typical wrap on a trailer gets around 10 million impressions every year. (American Trucking Association)
    • The Traffic Audit Bureau (now Geopath) states that a vehicle's ads have monthly impressions ranging between 1 and 4 million on local routes. (Geopath)
    • The average work commute in the US (to and from) is approximately 55 minutes. (US Census Bureau)
    • 97% of drivers remembered the wrap ads they saw. (Plumbing & Mechanical)
    • 97% said vehicle wraps and graphics worked better than billboard ads. (Plumbing & Mechanical)
    • 98% thought the ads “created a positive image of the advertiser”. (Plumbing & Mechanical)

    Here are some more reasons.

    A Uniform Fleet & Message

    Successful fleet wraps cover all vehicles in your business with the same messaging. The public doesn't only see the sales rep's car, a service van, or a delivery truck. Now you're sending a consistent brand message, making your brand awareness campaign more aligned and effective.

    Show Off Custom Designs

    Since installers create wraps and fleet vehicle graphics individually, everything is customizable. You can incorporate your business colors and logo into the design theme. You can represent your logo accurately and position it for ideal viewing. And just like that, your fleet becomes a moving business card and billboard circulating around your community daily.

    AC company van with blue and gray wrap promoting the business.
    Americans Are Spending Even More Time In Their Cars

    An average commute these days has increased to 26 minutes, and it's even worse in larger cities. That's roughly 200 hours per year, or 9 days per year. That's a lot of opportunities to show off your business.

    While sitting in cars, most Americans spot vehicle graphics and the various forms of mobile or billboard advertising around them. That advertising may as well be your company.

    Improve Your Business Image For Less

    Commercial fleet wrap graphics are an excellent way to give an aging fleet a facelift. In fact, most service vehicles rack up quite a bit of minor body damage. You can prevent that damage in the first place with good fleet vehicle wraps. And you can make existing damage less noticeable, again, with high-quality custom vehicle wraps.

    And if your logo or message needs updating, you can easily change your wrap. Painting your fleet can help improve your business image, but it may cost roughly twice as much. And for less, frankly. Plus, paint jobs need extra care, which further raises the cost over time. Wraps require very little maintenance.

    Fleet Vehicle Wraps Are A Good Advertising Investment

    A single wrapped vehicle averages between 30,000 - 70,000 views per day, depending on your area. The American Trucking Association (ATA) says that mobile fleet wraps are a proven and cost-effective way to advertise. They found that 97% of people surveyed viewed ads on fleet cars and trucks.

    An OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) survey found that fleet vehicle wraps have the lowest CPM of any form of advertising. Some businesses report between $0.77-$0.48 CPM!

    Unusual surface shapes may provide a challenge for installers. Regardless, an experienced professional can smooth your truck wrap over just about any curve.

    Want to transform your fleet? Hire a 3M Certified UASG Installer today.

    Types Of Wraps To Install On Your Fleet

    Custom fleet wraps are tailor-made for each client. Your fleet project installs will feature whatever you want them to - whether that's your company's logo, colors, or other messaging. They'll blend your vision into a positive, eye-catching fleet wrap for your crew. In fact, some graphic installation services companies even have a designer on site, if you need design services.

    Once you choose your style and design scheme, your installers will install your fleet vehicle wrap using one of these four styles:

    Spot Graphics

    This simple vehicle graphics option may be an ideal way to advertise if you want less coverage. You can put your business information and logo on sales vehicles; cars, trucks or service vans. This is a great way to test your marketing before committing to a total vehicle wrap. It's also an attractive option if your advertising budget hasn't bloomed yet.

    Partial Vehicle Wraps

    These are a middle-ground wrap option between spot graphics and a total wrap. Parts of the vehicle are left visible. You may only want to wrap the doors and rear. Or the front and sides. It's your choice!

    Total Vehicle Wraps

    This wrap is exactly as the name suggests: TOTAL COVERAGE. Most custom fleet graphics with a budget use this option, as it has the most advertising coverage. Every place on your vehicle with paint transforms into your company's messaging. The hood, roof, sides, pillars, tailgates, trunks, and windows become a beautiful mobile billboard.

    Window Wraps

    These are wraps that cover the windows of a vehicle with a perforated vinyl material. They allow for complete visibility inside the vehicle. Outside, the advertising looks like one seamless canvas covering the window(s). A full vehicle wrap can include this option.

    What's The Installation Process Like?

    Your fleet vehicle wraps will represent your business to your community. Choosing the correct colors, logos and design is the first step. Next comes the commercial fleet wrap installation services by experienced professionals. The process:

    • Fleet vehicle graphics are large-format printed in panel pieces on specially formatted adhesive vinyl. This takes place after the design approval.
    • Each panel piece is treated with long-lasting UV lamination. This protects the vinyl from fading as well as debris and dirt. The panel printing and the lamination process can take around 3 or 4 days, or more depending on a number of details. It varies with the detail of the design, the size of the vehicle, and the number of colors and inks used.
    • The vehicle is prepped with a thorough cleaning. The surface is washed and treated with a chemical-based rinse. This will dissolve any leftover wax left on the vehicle's surface. This ensures proper bonding with the vinyl.
    • The pre-marked and numbered panels are attached to your vehicle, like puzzle pieces.
    • After a quality inspection, your fleet vehicles hit the road. Now they're advertising your business full time, with your new fleet wraps and graphics!

    In many cases a vehicle can be wrapped in a day, once the materials are ready and the surface is prepared. If an entire fleet is to be covered, that may take the professionals a few business days. If your fleet consists of semi-trucks and trailers, installation time will likely take longer.

    Can I Wrap My Fleet Myself?

    Wrapping your own fleet is kind of like representing yourself in a lawsuit. Or replacing all of the plumbing in your house yourself. If you have the expertise, and your time isn't worth more spent elsewhere, why not? It can work in some cases. But in most cases, it's probably a bad idea.

    Here are some problems with a DIY fleet wrap installation:

    • Installers have specialty tools for each step of the installation process. Kinks and surprises have been worked out with years of training.
    • The film needs to be installed without bubbles for appearance and high quality
    • One single vehicle can easily take a professional a full day to install. How long do you think it would take someone who has never done one?
    • A team of installers usually handles a fleet vehicle wrap, instead of just one person.

    Are Commercial Fleet Wraps and Graphics Safe For Vehicle Paint?

    As long as no issues are present on your paint job before the wrap, your factory paint should be fine.

    But you may have issues if you had airbrushing or paint touch-ups under the wrap installation. This can cause the paint to peel when the wrap is removed in about 3-5 years. This is about the average lifespan of a vehicle wrap. If bodywork issues were not caught during the initial inspection, problems may arise. The wrap may not stick correctly or may peel after the installation.

    When installed correctly, a wrap can actually protect your paint surface.

    Can I Remove Or Re-Use My Fleet's Wraps or Fleet Vehicle Graphics?

    Absolutely! Businesses change out their fleet vehicle wraps for many reasons. Maybe your logo changed or you want to add a brief “summer special” or some other short feature. Options may include swapping out panels or applying a spot graphic over the wrap. And, the customizable features apply to minor fender-benders too!

    Removing a wrap is usually covered in the warranty. Most shops recommend a removal or renewal every 3 years. This will prevent damage to the factory paint underneath. Need to wrap a bus? Discover bus wraps here.

    By <a href="https://uasg.org/find-a-local-3m-installer/?fwp_keyword=AZ%20Pro" target="_blank" rel="noopener">AZ Pro</a>

    Caring For Your Fleet Wrap

    Caring for your fleet wrap is like normal exterior car care. Handwashing is recommended to remove road grime and dirt. Powerful washing equipment, cleaning chemicals, or corrosives should be avoided. Never use power washers.

    Handwashing Is The Safest Option

    Mild soap and water will do the trick. If hand-washing isn't an option, always choose the mildest wash setting. Your manufacturer will provide a list of recommendations for maintenance. Many will also suggest an approved bug and tar remover that's safe for the fleet vehicle graphics.

    Clean Quickly After An Accident

    Installers agree that gunk and grime need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent issues. The longer debris stays on the graphic, the harder it will be to remove. You don't want to let a tarball or paint spill detract from your advertising. You also don't want to have to pay for a panel replacement before you need to.

    And fuel spills while filling up need to be cleaned immediately. This will lead to quick and serious vinyl degrading.

    Sidenote: It's recommended to wait 1-2 weeks after your fleet wrap installation before washing.

    Fleet Vehicle Wraps Transform Your Fleet Into Mobile Advertising Machines

    Changing your commercial vehicles from a one-color paint job to mobile billboards makes sense. (Sidenote - check out color changing wraps here.) The cost proves beneficial, as you'll reach thousands of eyes daily - people you didn't impact before.

    Your design and graphics will reflect the tone and messaging of your business brand. This increases brand awareness and recognition with potential customers. Even if a person doesn't call today, chances are your fleet vehicle wraps will leave an impression. When they need your services down the road, you're more likely to get the call!

    With proper care, your fleet wrap should last around three to five years. That doesn't prevent you from doing panel changes or using a spot graphic to update your message when you need to.

    Your business's fleet needs to benefit your advertising reach. Your commercial vehicle wraps need to be done impactfully and professionally. That's why the UASG has a national network of graphic installation companies to provide vehicle wraps. Our members commit to installing your jobs better, on time, within budget, and as expected.

    They've spent a long time meeting the requirements to become a UASG member and to become 3M certified. We're talking years of trustworthy business practices, and many hours of testing and training.

    They've been able to hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry. So we're confident they'll treat you well, providing nothing but the highest quality fleet vehicle wraps and overall service.

    Click here to find a 3M Certified UASG Installer in your area today!

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