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  How Can Bus Wraps Benefit You & Your Business?  
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    [*Photos of Actual Custom Bus Wraps Installed]

    Picture this. You're standing at a crosswalk in the city, waiting for the light to change. There isn't much to do but wait, and your attention wanders. Then a bus roars by. It's loud, it's bright, it's colorful – you can't help but pay attention. It's no ordinary bus: this bus is wrapped in a mobile advertisement.

    Bus wraps provide a unique opportunity for companies to advertise to people who can't help but see it. Their size, their mobility, and their placement are all important factors.

    When you work with a 3M-certified installer, your bus wrap will be long-lasting, can help protect the exterior of the bus from cosmetic damage, and look stunning at the same time.

    It takes 3 simple steps to create your bus wrap:

    • Step #1

      Measure the vehicle’s specs and create the design for the vinyl wrap.

    • Step #2

      Have the wrap printed by a professional.

    • Step #3

      Carefully apply the vinyl to the bus.

    Given the sheer size of a city bus, it's no simple task to apply those vinyl sheets without error. And that's why hiring a 3M Certified UASG Installer is always your best bet. Now that we've covered the what, let's dive into the why.

    Why Use Vinyl Bus Wraps?

    You might be wondering, how is a bus wrap a better investment than a billboard? It turns out, there are advantages to your advertisement being on the move.

    Here are some of the reasons bus wraps are often a wise investment:

    Cost Per Impression

    Out-of-home advertising has one of the lowest costs per impression of ANY advertising. A 2021 report from ATA Outdoor Advertising found an astonishing fact. Outdoor advertising had the lowest cost per impression of ad types, at as low as 6 cents an impression. And a good vinyl wrap is outdoor advertising at its finest.

    Cheaper Than Paint

    Vinyl bus wraps are relatively inexpensive for a variety of reasons. The graphic film is not an expensive material. The installation technique is also less costly than painting.

    Vinyl bus wraps look wonderful and cost far less than hiring a painter to do the same job. It's nearly impossible to paint or airbrush what we can print on vinyl in the same timeframe.

    Protects The bus

    Are you a proprietor of a bus company looking to turn your bus fleet into mobile advertising? Well, there's a ton of good news. Vinyl wrapping a bus or school bus fleet doesn't have to cost a fortune. The vinyl also serves to protect their paint jobs, as well.

    Out-Of-House Advertising Pays

    Advertising on moving cars is one of the greatest ways to get your business seen. Americans make roughly 1,500 journeys every year. When you're stuck in traffic, it's difficult not to notice a colorful and well-designed bus wrap! (Speaking of colorful, discover color-shifting wraps here).

    A bus that travels say 15,000 miles per year can catch the attention of countless individuals. Individuals who have the opportunity to learn about your company, its products and services. That's why vehicle wraps are so vital - the investment pays.

    It's Attention-Grabbing

    Bus advertising, unlike other kinds of advertising such as TV and radio adverts, is a non-aggressive form of marketing. It's meant to function like a moving billboard. Wrapping a bus for advertising reasons allows you to produce a distinctive ad. Your bus wrap will capture attention without interfering with passersby's everyday lives.

    Bus wraps are also a low-cost advertising option for promoting businesses or events. It's a  one-time payment that can last several years. These vinyl images can also be removed without affecting the underlying paint of the bus. This makes it simple to change out ads once a promotion or event has been completed.

    Builds Your Brand Identity 

    Buses are generally 8 to 9 feet wide and can be 30-40 feet long. That's a lot of real estate for advertising your business. You'll want to go larger than life and beautiful with the graphics. There will still be plenty of room for your logo, contact information, and whatever else you need.

    Having your brand tied to a bus that drives throughout the town on a regular basis is a huge advantage. Your bus wrap will increase your local brand image. You already know how important it is to court the good opinion of the community your business resides in. A vinyl bus wrap is a great way to get your name out to even more people.

    Ready to create your vehicle wraps strategy? Contact us today, and we'll help you bring your astonishing bus wrap ideas to life.

    Who Uses Bus Wraps?

    All kinds of businesses can use bus wraps. Vinyl wraps are used by those who wish to duplicate the look of a high-quality paint job without the cost.

    They may get the multilayered effect of a bespoke paint job at a fraction of the price. Another benefit is that the application procedure is significantly faster.

    Wraps may be applied to any type of commercial vehicle. Semi-trailers, work vehicles, buses, and gasoline tankers are examples. Installers may have difficulties due to unusual surface shapes. In any case, a skilled specialist can smooth your vehicle wrap around most corners.

    Zoos, theaters, restaurants, and tax prep businesses – the possibilities are endless. Anyone who wants to get their message across can take advantage of the space on buses.

    Types Of Bus Wraps

    Make an impact with innovative graphics that go beyond a simple sign on the bus. Reimagine what the bus could be. You can create visual illusions that will stun passersby and grab their attention. There are many different sizes of vinyl wraps you can choose from, as well.


    You may already be familiar with the idea of a vinyl decal, which is a smaller piece of vinyl applied to a vehicle. This may be the most cost-effective option for businesses not wanting anything complicated. These can come in all sizes. It could include a hand-sized logo or a small panel. The panel could advertise your business's contact information.

    Partial Bus Wrap

    A partial wrap is a great option for businesses that want the high-quality look of a vinyl bus wrap. Beautiful graphics can be put on one part of the bus instead. There are many options for business owners to choose from when it comes to partial bus wraps.

    Full Bus Wrap

    In many cases this is the best and most effective option for installing a bus wrap. There are so many creative and interesting options for reimagining a bus. Vehicle wraps can be as simple or as creative and ornate as the customer wants them to be.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the Process Like & How Long Does Installing a Bus Wrap Take?

    Cleaning the bus prior to installation can be one of the most time-intensive parts of the process. But the effort is worth it! Once the bus has thoroughly been cleaned, each panel will be individually installed. From there, we'll carefully smooth out any air bubbles. Lastly, we'll conduct a final inspection to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. The whole process can take anywhere from a few days up to weeks.

    How Long Does a Bus Wrap Last?

    Vinyl wraps are vulnerable to extreme heat and cold. But, a well-cared-for bus wrap can last on average between 5-8 years. That's a long time for you to collect the return on your investment. That means you will get a whole lot of advertising out of that single installation cost.

    Also, if the wrap is for a time-sensitive purpose, like a musical or a museum exhibit, you can take it off without issue.

    Want to learn more about wraps and graphics installation? Visit our blog!

    How Much Does A Bus Wrap Cost?

    Costs vary widely. A bus wrap can cost $7,000, $12,000 and up - or less. It really depends on the details of the wrap you want, the quality of the materials, the skill of the installers and more. It can seem like a big investment, but consider the benefits. It's possible you'll see a huge ROI and the results of so many new people learning about your business.

    When all of the benefits are considered, it's evident that vinyl bus wraps are often a wise advertising choice. You'll have a long-lasting piece of marketing that will be seen by thousands of people each year.

    Are you ready to get started? Our trusted installers can help you create the perfect bus wrap.

    Find a 3M Certified UASG Installer near you and start crafting your bus wrap strategy today.

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