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    Box trucks are one of the most common ways to transport goods, especially over short distances. They fit in places where semi-trucks cannot, can be operated by almost anyone, and can move much more than a typical pickup truck or SUV.

    You know what else they can do? Advertise. A blank truck accomplishes one goal: the moving of freight. But a moving, shiny, eye-catching box truck wrap can catch the attention of practically everyone who passes by it. A box truck wrap can reach prospective clients, local businesses in need of your services, and can make your brand recognizable and well-known within your community.

    How Box Truck Wraps Can Improve Your Bottom Line

    If you're reading this, then chances are you've already invested in a box truck. But probably no box truck wraps yet. It may have been one of your more costly investments, and while they do come at a cost, they also play an important role. They move your cargo from point A to point B, under your own power, without the need to hire an external shipping company.

    But if you're looking to increase your bottom line even further, then consider investing in a box truck wrap. By enhancing your truck's blank canvas with a splash of color, your logo, or attention-grabbing box truck graphics, you can make a real impression. You can drive interest for your company, while going about your everyday business. And plus, you're utilizing an asset you already possess.

    While a single billboard is useful, it can only be seen by those driving by it. Its position is fixed. And a website is likely to only capture the attention of those already searching for your services. A moving box truck can do much more. It can garner countless views as it regularly passes through your city, and can spark interest in potential customers. Box truck wraps can make your company a recognizable brand.

    Let's Crunch the Numbers

    Nothing is ever truly free and box truck wrap advertising is no exception. But the cost of box truck graphics may be much less than you thought. To break it down, let's go over some figures. Let's say your average box truck wrap costs $3,000 for professional installation and lasts five years. Broken down even further that comes to $600 per year. That's $50 a month. That makes these commercial vehicle graphics one of the least expensive, long-term advertising options out there.

    What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From a Box Truck Wrap?

    Many businesses utilize box trucks to transport goods or offer services. One of the reasons for this is that box trucks generally weigh less than 26,000 pounds, meaning that no special license (like a CDL) is required to drive them. So nearly anyone with a valid drivers license is able to legally drive and operate one. This is a major win for small businesses that need a heftier truck to transport items, but don't want to deal with the complications of hiring a driver or getting a special license. And for that reason, they're extremely versatile and commonly used.

    In addition, box trucks provide the perfect canvas for eye-catching vinyl wraps! No need to spend a fortune on a high-quality paint job. Instead, get your company's message across in an affordable, effective, and professional way. Here are some examples of the types of businesses that may benefit from a box truck wrap:

    • HVAC companies
    • Plumbers
    • Landscapers
    • Moving companies
    • Furniture delivery companies
    • Couriers
    • Mobile businesses or nonprofits
    • Food trucks
    • Laundry and dry cleaners

    And so many more! By utilizing box truck wraps, you can inform potential customers about your business in an easy, effective, non-pushy way.

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    What Your Box Truck Graphic Needs to Be Effective

    Take a look at a handful of box truck wraps. Do you see a pattern? Every good vehicle wrap, whether bus or box truck, possesses the necessary information a customer needs to interact with the company. At the minimum, you'll probably want your box truck wrap to feature the following elements:

    • A vibrant company name and/or brand logo
    • The company website
    • A phone number (for those too eager to wait until they can search for you on the net)
    • A graphic that reaches out and grabs their attention

    Want to learn more about wraps and graphics installation? Visit our blog!

    You'll also want to consider how big you want your vinyl wrap graphics to be. If you plan on having a lot of design elements and information on your box truck, then a full wrap is likely your best bet!

    That way your wrap is visible from nearly all angles, and easy to read, even from a distance. You can also opt for a partial wrap, which covers between ¼-¾ of your vehicle's surface area. If your budget is tight, then this is a great option as well.

    No matter what you choose, be sure to never ever be vague, you want your brand and its message to be crystal clear. And if it makes sense to be clever, then by all means add a little humor! Whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with your company's general theme and how you want customers to view you.

    UASG is Here to Help

    Let your creativity flow and your vision come to life. With a box truck wrap it's easy to convey your message and get your brand's image out there. Whether your project is large or small, a UASG Certified Graphics Installation Company can get the job done with precision and care.

    In case you're unfamiliar, the UASG is a national network of businesses that specialize in graphic installation. Only the best companies are included in our ranks and the standards each company must adhere to are extremely high, ensuring that each customer gets the most amazing product and service possible.

    UASG companies are expected to produce only the highest quality of work. Work that is on time, on budget, and with professionalism that is second to none. We champion comradery between members, as well as integrity, reliability, and professionalism among all installers. We only endorse the best.

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