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Showcase your brand. Motivate your audience. Infuse your environment with energy and excitement. With custom event graphics you wield the power to transform any space according to your mind’s eye and your desired outcome. 

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    [*Photos of actual custom event graphics installed by UASG Certified Installers]

    Why Use Custom Event Graphics? 

    Because they work. A recent Bizzabo study revealed that 61% of marketers believe in-person events are the most critical marketing channel. And to create an effective, engaging and memorable event, you need to craft the surroundings to cultivate that environment.

    Vibrant signage is vital in this process. Custom printed messages allow you to direct and inform your audience. But it’s about more than words on a sign. Immerse your audience in a masterful graphic ambience. That'll get them thinking, talking and remembering your intended message. 

    Here's how to use eye catching event graphics to your advantage:

    1. Brand Your Environment
      As soon as someone walks into your space, the vibe “speaks”. What’s your event hall, conference room, or trade show saying? You can create an atmosphere that sends a clear message about your brand, or fills the space with your company’s charm and personality.
    2. Attract More People To Your Business or Event
      Do you want to attract clients to your stand at an expo? Draw in passersby to your pop-up store? Visually impactful event graphics can help you stand out. From banners to posters to hoarding signage and event logos, custom graphics will turn eyes your way, and pull people in.
    3. Boost Your Attendees’ Mood
      Presentation has a larger impact than you might think. It’s second only to service quality in helping businesses achieve success. Create the perfect mood with custom event graphics. In this way, you'll boost your attendees' satisfaction and happiness.
    4. Bring People Together With a United Purpose
      Clear, high quality graphics set your purpose at the forefront of your event. Engage and unite your audience with carefully created and placed signage. Is your goal to showcase your brand? Graphics ensure everyone knows who you are, and understands your message. Want to promote a specific theme at an event? One step through the door, and your attendees will know exactly what it is and what they’re there for.
    Infographic list of what event graphics help you do, with Super Bowl stadium.
    Super Bowl stadium graphics, by Bluemedia

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    1. Lead Your Audience and Aid Navigation
      Event signage also fulfills the practical purpose of pointing the way. Captivating messages grab your guests’ attention, and directional signage helps them navigate your venue. But event graphics do more than just that. They also harmonize the look and feel of your space; leading mood and expectations with a theme.
    2. Have Some Fun! There’s a time for professionalism and there’s a time for play. Help people create amazing memories with a stand-out theme. Ultimately, you want people to come together and connect at your event. Solidify the synergy and team spirit of your group with a common cause or goal, met through play. Whether you’re using large format wall graphics, window graphics, commercial vehicle wraps, specialty graphics, or all of the above, the theme you set is the frame of mind you set.
    3. There Are Countless Advantages. Here’s a Few More:
      Promote your brand in inventive places, like on the floor as your guests walk in. Try the tabletop or hand out decals in goodie bags. Grab their attention with large format print or decals on walls or vehicles. Inject positivity and add allure to your space to make your guests’ experience an epic one. Create witty and subtle advertising displays that encourage a purchase without being pushy. The possibilities are endless!

    Ready to create your graphics strategy? Find a 3M Certified UASG Installer to provide you with top quality event graphics services.

    Photo of a man and a woman installing graphics for a "Boys Soccer Championship" on a wall.
    Soccer Championship graphics, by VSP Marketing Graphic Group

    When & Where To Use Event Graphics

    Large festivals. Professional expos. Plus everything in between! Here are some examples of events where custom graphics are not an extra–they’re a must:

    • Conventions and Conferences. Carefully placed event graphics make your theme clear and get your audience excited about your message. Navigation signage (perhaps rooftop signage, as the situation dictates) is also a must. These markers help guests get where they need to go, when they need to be there.
    • Festivals and Large Parties. What’s a party without decorations? For festivals and big bashes, go beyond balloons. Establish your theme with custom event graphics. Transform your space from dull to delightful, and keep the party mood going all night.
    • Trade Shows and Expos. If you’re the host, event graphics are essential for establishing your theme. Not to mention informing attendees who and what they’ll see at your event. If you’re a business with a booth at a show or expo, custom graphics help you stand out from the crowd.
    • Restaurants. Whether you’re hosting a charity event, a wine tasting, live bands, or a karaoke night, your graphics will help you set the mood and communicate the right message. Navigation signage, flags, banners, and other custom graphics will help you transform your restaurant space from your usual setting to lively and energetic… Or suave and sophisticated… Or sympathetic to a cause - whatever mood you want to set, it’ll follow your theme’s graphics.
    • Sports Events. Boost school spirit or honor your athletes with attractive signage. Flashy flags can showcase mascots and team colors. Sports events are great advertising opportunities, so be sure to increase your brand’s visibility with hoarding signage, banners, and more.
    • Music Events. Enhance the magic of music with event graphics that set the right vibe for your venue. Navigation signage ensures your festival runs fluently. Want to advertise in a big way? Hoarding signage and giant posters will get them singing your tunes.
    Photo of event graphics in the windows of a building, with a quote from the post.
    Comic Con 2015 outdoor graphics, by Graphix GearWerks


    • Corporate Functions and Seminars. You can mix business with pleasure. The right graphics turn your corporate event space into a pleasant place to be. Boost morale and achieve a professional look with well-designed graphics.
    • Pop-Up Stores and Grand Openings. Want to turn heads and increase traffic to your grand opening? You’ll need bold banners and strategic signage to catch more than just a passing glance.
    • Award Ceremonies and Graduations. Looking to to honor your students, employees, or team? Custom event graphics will make them feel appreciated. Get everyone in the mood to celebrate with vibrant banners and signage showcasing those important achievements.
    • VIP Events. These invite-only events provide the perfect opportunity to honor your special guests with specialty signage. It doesn't matter whether your invitees are high-ranking employees or loyal clients. Either way, you'll help them feel more connected to your brand and valued, with custom graphics.
    Image of a woman detailing a Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo on the basketball court, with a quote from the post.
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo, by VSP Marketing Graphic Group

    Indoors Or Outdoors?

    Both! Graphics are a great way to grab people's attention at any event, whether it’s held indoors or outdoors. Of course, the approach you take depends on the type of event. Not to mention who you’re targeting with your signage. And that’s why each situation demands its own specific details to garner success! 

    There are other things to think about too. If you’re hosting or part of an event that’s outdoors, you’ll want to consider weather related details. Your graphics will likely need to be waterproof and tethered in place, should things get gusty.

    Creating Your Event Graphics Vision

    Let’s discuss the event graphics process from idea to installation. The steps vary, since every event is unique. But here’s the general process we follow to help you achieve your graphics vision:

    1. The Venue. Where does your event take place? Is it indoor or outdoor? This is a deciding factor in the types of graphics you can install.
    2. The Limits. What kind of graphics can your venue handle? For example, are there windows for placing decals? Tables to place center pieces on? Can the ceiling accommodate banners and signs? If the event is outdoors, observe the spaces available for placing graphics.
    3. The Vision. What atmosphere do you want to create at your event? What do you want your audience to feel? What message or information do you want to ensure they understand?
    Image of Buffalo Bills logo on a wall with other graphics, with a quote from the post about graphic ambience.
    Buffalo Bills Stadium wall graphics, by VSP Marketing Graphic Group

    Types Of Customized Event Graphics

    Make an impact with innovative graphics beyond a simple sign on a wall. If your venue permits, why not make a sign out of the entire wall?

    Here’s a sampling of possible event graphics you can integrate into your next event:

    • Removable decals for windows 
    • Temporary wallpaper and wall murals
    • Wayfinding signage (provides directions)
    • Flags, pennants and banners
    • Signs and posters
    • Backdrops
    • Hoarding signage
    • Floor decals (both indoor and outdoor)
    • Table covers and centerpieces 
    • Vinyl vehicle wraps 
    • Hanging or pole-mounted signage 
    • Step and repeat banners
    • Brochures and decals for goodie bags 

    With so many choices, it’s easy to create the perfect ambiance for any event. Whether your project is large or small, indoor or outdoor—our 3M Certified Graphics Installation Companies will help you pinpoint the appropriate event graphics.

    Types of Trade Show Graphics

    Custom graphics are a great way to stand out among other booths in your industry. To have the most impact, where and how you display your trade show graphics is key. It will likely affect the number of visitors to your booth.

    After all, if people can’t see or understand your signs, how can they work? The distance and placement makes a real difference. Each type has a different function. Let’s discuss a few focal lengths to consider:

    Long-range graphics: As you may have guessed, these graphics need to be legible from a further distance away. It’s best to avoid intricate designs, a lot of text, or too many colors. When in doubt, keep it simple so your sign doesn’t become difficult to read.

    You may even consider placing it higher than the rest of your signage, so people from many distances and directions can see it. But make sure your signs are at a height within trade show guidelines.

    Medium-range graphics: These trade show graphics are made to be seen from neighboring booths instead of from far away. A powerful opportunity to let your brand’s message shine!

    But ideally don’t go overboard with tons of graphics or colors that are too bright. You want to get your message across effectively without being overpowering. 

    Short-range graphics: Your short-range trade show graphics should get attention from those nearby. And at this point, your viewer is likely in your booth, so your graphics can help seal the deal.

    The focus here should be logos, icons, or slogans printed in prominent places. You may even consider a QR code, as well as displaying testimonials and unique product features! 

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