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  Competition may be tough, but you can ensure your business stands out with a custom food truck wrap.  
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    The food truck industry is rapidly growing, at a rate of roughly 8% each year since 2017. Food trucks are popping up everywhere, and with a huge variety of different foods! With this massive growth, you’ll have lots of competition if you’re a food truck owner. That means your truck needs to stand out best. And the first thing that’ll catch customers’ eyes is your vehicle's appearance. Enter food trailer wraps and truck wraps.

    If you want your food truck to stand out, you need to have a top-tier design that fits your brand and catches people’s attention. The look of your food truck stand is also one of the best ways to market your food truck business. It can show off what your truck is all about, specifically:

    • What kind of food you serve
    • The menu and prices
    • Your personality, style, and brand

    A great way to give your truck the eye-catching design it needs is with a vinyl food truck wrap. Vinyl wraps let you come up with a cost-effective design that’s unique to your business. Give your food truck the makeover it needs, and watch people flock to your truck to try your food.

    Red food truck with owners standing by it, and a quote from the post next to it.

    What are Vinyl Wraps?

    Imagine standing between two food trucks. One of them is plainly colored, with scarce details that don’t display anything about the food truck besides its name. You can’t even tell what kind of food they sell. The other truck has mesmerizing patterns, illustrations, and typography. You can see the name, logo and brand front and center, plus the food choices, contact info, and social media handle. Which food truck would you choose? Which truck is going to thrive?

    The second one, right? The truck design is top-of-the-line attractive and it displays vital information about the business. All of this can be done best with vinyl food truck wraps.

    Custom food truck wraps consist of printed vinyl panels that are, like wall wraps or commercial vehicle wraps, completely customizable. This includes colors, print, graphic designs, and more. Food trucks should display all their business details, like their name, contact information, and the type of food they sell. This information is crucial to produce revenue for your business. Wraps also help people recognize your truck from a distance. Using colorful and bold designs, you can catch hungry people’s eyes and draw them in. They’re completely customizable to your brand!

    Gray and white food truck with a quote from the post next to it.

    Why Food Truck Wraps?

    Food truck wraps are practical, attractive, and easy to install! You can include whatever branded themes, color shifting designs, colors, and text you want on your wrap. You can change your design elements as many times as you need to fit your branding. For example, if you start serving new dishes, you can update your wrap design to showcase them! But that’s not the only thing.

    There are several other benefits to having a custom wrap on your vehicle, such as: 

    • Professional Look - wraps offer a professional-looking design. You can only do so much with paint these days. Professional painters do a great job, but graphic designs look much more realistic and impressive, especially with similar budgets. 
    • Less Upkeep - A paint job on your truck can look good, but it takes a lot of effort to keep it looking decent. First, you have to use many layers of paint to get the color to stand out. Second, it takes quite a long time to paint the entire vehicle. Lastly, paint chips away, even if you decide to put a protective coating on top. With a vinyl wrap, you can have the same colors and designs with an added layer of protection. Wondering about food truck wrap costs? This can all be done at a much lower cost.
    • Protection of your Vehicle - Vinyl food truck wraps protect your truck from damage. These damages include rust, scrapes, dents, and more. With a regular paint job, your truck is at a higher risk of showing signs of damage, such as rust from water or scratches from people, nature, or other vehicles. The exterior upkeep of your truck matters to customers. They won’t want to eat from a truck that looks like it’s not properly taken care of. A wrap can protect your truck's paint from damage and can last for many years, depending on your area’s climate. In addition, if you decide to remove the wrapping, it won't damage your truck!
    • Fast Installation & Easy Removal - With a professional installer, wraps are quick to install and easy to remove! Once you’ve designed your wrap, you can have our installers apply the wrap onto the outside of your truck with ease. If you decide to remove the wrap or want to change it, you can easily have it removed, because the adhesive won't damage your truck. Using a quality wrap can save you a lot of time!

    Want to learn more about wraps and graphics installation? Visit our blog!

    White food truck with a quote from the post next to it.

    How Do I Get a Food Truck Wrap?

    The process of designing and installing a wrap doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these steps to get your wrap and revamp your food truck wrap design:

    1. Find a Graphic Design Company - Depending upon your design capabilities, you can either design your own food truck wrap graphics, or hire a graphic design company to create something custom.
    2. Decide What Wrap You Want - You have two primary choices when it comes to truck wraps: Full wraps and partial wraps.
      1. Full Wraps for food trailers or trucks cover the entire surface area of your truck. Full wraps will cost more, but they’ll be more effective when advertising your food truck or food bus. Your brand will be visible from all sides of your truck and from far away, and a full wrap leaves more room to add more design elements. If you plan on having a lot of designs and information on your food truck, go with a full wrap!
      2. Partial Wraps are the more budget-friendly option if you choose to have smaller or simpler designs on your food truck, or if you just aren't ready to commit to a full wrap just yet. You can cover about 1/4-3/4 of your vehicle’s surface area with a partial wrap, which works better if your truck has a matching or complementary paint color already. If you have a tight budget or doubt you’ll need a full wrap for whatever reason, a partial wrap may be a better choice for you.
    3. Choose your Design Elements - After you have found your installer and decided what kind of wrap to get, you’ll get to pick out your design elements. This includes the colors (color changing wraps or otherwise), graphics, business logo, menu, contact info, and any other brand elements you believe are essential to display on your food truck. Remember, food truck wraps are advertising tools, so be sure to include everything you want customers to see!
    4. Find a 3M Certified UASG Installation Company - When it comes to investing in a wrap, quality is essential. Not only will you want your wrap to be professionally installed, but you’ll want assurance that the materials used are top quality. A shoddy installation job can potentially hurt your business and be damaging to your vehicle’s paint job. You can find a 3M Certified UASG Installer near you by using our search tool!
    5. Install your Wrap - Once you’ve given your designers your wrap design ideas and measurements for your vehicle, your wrap will be completed and ready for installation in no time. Installing your concession trailer wrap makes for a hassle-free, time-saving makeover for your food truck! Looking for bus wrap ideas instead? Go here.
    Man giving a customer food from a yellow food truck, and a quote from the article next to it.

    Ready to Revamp Your Food Truck?

    We know owning and operating a food truck is already a difficult job, especially as the competition grows. UASG wants to help you find a top-tier local graphics installer, one certified to provide you with the best food truck wrap installation service!

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