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 Let Your Brand Shine 
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    A business's walls, windows, and doors are perfect real estate for getting attention. Stunning displays can hammer home important marketing messages.

    Making the best of the space you have is critical. Your storefront window graphics can impress both existing and new clients. You can showcase your hours, logo, products, sales, and more.

    Why Use Storefront Window Graphics?

    Window Graphics Boost Your Business

    Let Your Brand Shine

    Empty store windows can confuse clients. Is the building abandoned? Did the store close? When you use vinyl film graphics to your advantage, you attract much more business.

    Window decals to attract customers to your store:

    • Vinyl lettering
    • Transparent window decals
    • Opaque window decals
    • Perforated window decals
    • Frosted window decals

    Each style of decal is long-lasting. They can endure rain, sun, and nearly anything else Mother Nature decides to throw at them. Here are a couple of reasons you should consider storefront window graphics.

    Well-Designed window decals Grab Attention

    Window designs can enhance the visual appeal of your storefront and draw people in. They can also serve as a sort of visual welcome mat and a preview of what's inside for potential customers.

    Window Graphics Are Versatile

    Did your hours change? No problem. Want to refresh your branding or advertise a new sale? Pop some new window graphics on your windows! The graphics are semi-permanent, meaning they're removable. But they are a one-time-use product. Once they're in place, they won't adhere again if removed. Luckily, a skilled installer will situate them perfectly.

    They're The Perfect Place For Sale Advertisements

    They're your windows – use ‘em! You don't have to rent a billboard or pay for ad space. Instead, work with a 3M certified window graphics installer. In no time, you'll be reaping the rewards of your advertising.

    Here are some advantages of using graphic window designs:

    • Showcase your product
    • Improve your service visibility
    • Differentiate yourself from the competition

    Clings and decals are perfect for communicating important information. These include:

    • Monthly discounts and promotions
    • Membership programs
    • New items
    • Product launches
    • Seasonal bargains

    Your windows are the first thing potential buyers see. They should showcase the most significant, popular, and necessary information about your business. Make sure people can't walk by your windows without knowing more about your business. How? By using high-quality, unique graphics.

    Refresh Your Space Inside & Out For A Fraction Of The Cost

    Instead of opting for a total renovation, consider a more affordable option. Window graphics offer privacy and elegance from the inside. Employees are less likely to feel like fish in a glass bowl every time someone walks by. Clients can feel like they're in a more intimate and connected environment too.

    Employees and visitors will be able to enjoy natural light without feeling overexposed. How? Frosted window graphics, complete vinyl perforated window films, or decals and stickers.

    Storefronts with these images may be on-brand from the outside. And buildings become more than mere brick and mortar. They showcase the specific brand identity you've crafted for your company.

    An Inexpensive Marketing Tool

    Vinyl graphics provide an excellent opportunity for branding and information sharing. There's a bonus here: they can also serve endless marketing purposes. You can use window space for a call to action. You can also encourage potential clients to join a loyalty program or get a free estimate.

    Social media is an inescapable part of B2C and B2B marketing these days. But there's good news! You can use your beautiful, on-brand vinyl graphics as a background. It's a win-win!

    Who Can Enjoy Storefront Window Graphics?

    Most anyone with a brick-and-mortar store can and should take advantage of their windows. They're basically free ad space. Why wouldn't you use this valuable space?

    Lots of different types of businesses improve their storefronts with custom window graphics. Here's how:

    Restaurants: Set the mood before your customers step in the door! Is it a chic, downtown Italian restaurant? Let that shine with sophisticated, subtle graphics. Is it a well-situated fast food restaurant on the main drag? You may have mere seconds to grab drivers' attention. Your store's window graphics should be big, loud, and feature can't-miss deals. Fast food restaurants often feature huge photos of their food as well.

    Retail Businesses: Any retail business needs its store name, logo, and hours on its door. Savvy businesses will use the available window glass to share details with passersby. This is also an opportunity to share what sets it apart from the other options available. Another option is to put a call to action or limited-time information like sales and deals.

    Salons & Barber Shops: Salon windows give a perfect opportunity to emphasize your brand. They are another way to make your clients feel special. Is your business a traditional barber shop? You might want to make use of the traditional barber pole symbol. It's a red-and-white (or red, white, and blue) striped pole. It's a well-known symbol whose use goes back to the Middle Ages. Is your salon branding built around making your clients feel pampered and beautiful? Let your storefront graphics feature that in your design!

    Mechanics & Auto Care: Have a speedy oil change business? A clear acrylic garage door is a perfect place for branding. Going light on graphics can give customers a clear view of the mechanics working. This can emphasize the transparency built into your business model. Your storefront window graphics are only limited by the size of your windows. And your imagination!

    Athletic & Sports Organizations: Arena or gym windows are a perfect place to set the mood. Get people excited about your sports team! Using graphics for your sporting group will do several things. It will gain attention, and support, and boost team spirit. Splurge on full-window graphics with your club's colors and mascot! You could also add smaller team emblems using stickers or decals. There are several other ways your sports team can use graphics on your windows. You can share your club's schedule or congratulate your players for big wins. You can also tell supporters about how to get tickets to see their favorite team play.

    Hospitals & Health Care Offices: Going to the doctor or dentist might be stressful. It's possible that soothing window graphics can create a more peaceful ambiance. It can also give patients something to look at, to break up the monotony of waiting for an appointment.

    Government Organizations: It's true, city hall may not be the most exciting place. Regardless, its windows are still a choice location to install beautiful window graphics. Government buildings can inform the public with hours and other important facts. They can also set a calming mood with beautiful graphics, or entertain bored visitors waiting in line.

    Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofit organizations have important goals. More often than not, they need donations from the community to make those a reality. Both sides of the problem can get help from window graphics. Window graphics are more cost-effective than many other kinds of advertising. They're great for spreading the word. They can inform those that pass by about the organization's goals. They can also attract new volunteers and donors. A food bank could invite everyone to enjoy a warm meal. An animal welfare organization could highlight the adoptable pet of the week.

    Creating Your Storefront Window Graphics Vision

    Let's discuss the window graphics process from idea to installation on your storefront. The steps vary since every storefront is different. But here's the general process you'll want to follow to help you achieve your graphics vision:

    The Venue

    What kind of building it is determines the window graphics you're able to install. You may want to hire a designer to help you achieve your vision. Together you can consider the space available, as well as your brand's message.

    The Windows

    If you have a modern storefront with floor-to-ceiling windows, lucky you! There will be few limits to what you and your 3M certified graphics installer can do. If your windows are smaller, that will naturally limit you somewhat. But either way, you can make the most out of the window space you have available.

    The Vision

    You might be feeling artsy. Are you envisioning soaring, colorful graphics completely covering your storefront windows?  Or you might want to stick to the basics: the lettering of your business name, logo, and hours. Our storefront window graphics businesses will be able to bring your vision to life.


    When it comes to DIY projects, this is one you'll want to skip. A Certified UASG Installer can advise you on best practices, materials, placement, and more. They'll ensure that the graphics are properly bonded, in the right place, and without bubbles or tears. When it comes to your storefront, appearance is key! For your graphics to enhance your business's image, they must look professional, well-kept, and be made with high-quality, long-lasting materials.

    Ready to get the process started? Get in touch with a 3M Certified UASG Installer today.

    Types Of Storefront Window Graphics

    Window Stickers: these have adhesives that help them adhere to surfaces. Humidity, rain, ice, and snow are all incapable of removing a window sticker after it has adhered to the glass.

    Perforated Window Graphics: These see-through graphics have several purposes. They allow natural light to pass through. They allow people within the building to look out. Finally, they limit how far people outside the building can see. Perforated, see-through vinyl window decorations are one method to improve the workplace atmosphere.

    Window Decals: Some decals use a strong adhesive to form a permanent bond. Some use lower-tack material, which allows them to peel off easier.

    Static Clings: These images adhere to the glass using static electricity. No sticky, messy glue needed. Because they are simple to remove and replace, static clings are a super versatile option.

    Frosted Window Graphics: These are opaque and provide privacy. But they also reduce the amount of natural light that travels through the window. These window images are ideal for clinics, spas, and gyms. You know, places where privacy is paramount.


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    UASG members have proven themselves through ethical business practices, testing, interviews, and training. This gauntlet leads to 3M accreditation.

    Get the conversation started! Locate a 3M Certified UASG Installer to install your professional window graphics.

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