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Become part of the leading organization of professional installation companies in the United States. Our standards are the highest in the industry and we set the benchmark for graphic installation excellence in fleet, full & partial wraps, interior & exterior environmental graphics including floor, rough texture graphics, and other branding applications.

What Do 3M Certified UASG Installers Get?

We just showed you what makes our installers great. Here are some of the benefits our installers receive for their membership:

  • Exclusive use of the 3M Certified Installation Company emblem. 3M is a well-known and highly reputable organization in the graphics installation industry. The use of the iconic logo can lend legitimacy to businesses, as a hesitant client will feel confident with 3M's backing.
  • Full-time UASG Executive Director program administration and management. Our Board of Directors and Executive Director provide strategic oversight & fiduciary responsibility.
  • Commitment to advancing and advocating for the installation community on all levels.
  • Scholarships are available for new members in underserved areas. Since 2017, 3M has awarded scholarships for its advanced training program. These go to installation companies that show a record of diverse hiring practices.
  • Industry-specific business expertise. Experian provides business information, analytical tools, and marketing services. This alliance helps our members handle industry-specific business and financial risks and rewards. The UASG can help its members cope with things like today's economic environment. And cutting-edge technology can help them get a leg up.

What sets 3M Certified UASG Installers head and shoulders above the rest? Find out here.

Business-Building Referrals

As a member, your business is listed on the UASG website and 3M’s Commercial Graphics website. Companies from around the world check these sources first when looking for application professionals in their area.

The UASG enjoys affiliations with Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), Fleet Management Association (NAFA), and Signs By Tomorrow – all of whom require competent, professional, and reliable installers for their event and project needs.

Access to a nationwide network of professionals

UASG member companies are industry professionals with ten, twenty, thirty or more years’ experience applying graphics for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. These resources offer an invaluable vault of tips, tricks, and solutions for the most demanding of application projects. We embrace a unified code of conduct that governs our actions and performance with respect to our customers… and yours. As your business grows, the UASG membership is there to help expand your service reach beyond local borders providing the confidence you need to say YES to that national franchise opportunity.


Graphic of two installers with text: "3M Certified Graphics Installation Company"

The UASG and 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company logos inspire strength of brand and credibility. Companies who hire UASG 3M Certified installation companies are confident they will receive the highest level of performance in the industry.

A certificate of membership and related decals are provided to all members for reference in their businesses, marketing collateral and vehicles. Sample forms to assist with various areas of your business are also available as downloads.


Combining the strength of over 260+ member companies, the UASG leverages it’s buying power to offer tools and supplies at rates well below commercial levels. We also partnered with Experian, a global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to help organizations and consumers manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Cost-effective access to reliable credit information is a tremendous benefit and the UASG is committed to helping its members use state-of-the-art technology to better manage the uncertainty of today’s business climate.

What Does It Take To Become a 3M Certified UASG Installer?

The 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company program, established in 1999, is administered for 3M by the United Applications Standards Group (UASG). Companies with this distinction are recognized by 3M and UASG for not only their installation skills/knowledge, but also their sound business practices and accountability to a Code of Conduct.

Accreditation requirements:

  • Company has been in business 3 or more years.
  • Installer to be tested has been employed by company for a minimum of six months.
  • Tested Installer(s) employed by company as W-2 employees,not a 1099 contractor.
  • Carries liability insurance (verified by the UASG once per year)
  • Meets certain business requirements (annual confirmation and random site visits), and ensures employees follow proper company policies and 3M installation procedures.
  • At least one employee in the company, whose primary job is installing, must pass a rigorous hands-on and written tests by at the 3M Company, Saint Paul, MN test facility. The test includes graphics applied to surfaces such as: floors, walls, textured walls, trailers and vans/autos.