UASG Color Changing Car Wraps: Vehicle Wraps That Shift Colors

  Shift Your Car’s Appearance With A Color Changing Car Wrap  
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    [*Photos of actual Color Changing Car Wraps Installed]

    A color-shifting car wrap helps your vehicle turn heads and stand out from the crowd with a minimal amount of effort on your part. It's a car wrap color change that turns heads not just once, but constantly, as the color continually shifts.

    It creates a brilliant, one of a kind look, changing colors from one angle to the next, thanks to varying reflections of lights.

    More and more car owners are switching car colors with a colorful car wrap instead of a traditional paint job. Why? Because of the flexibility, cost, and unique looks. Choosing a color shifting car wrap brings your car’s look to the next level.

    And our 3M certified graphics installation companies are top-tier professionals who get the job done right - the first time.

    What Is A Color-Shift Vehicle Wrap?

    A color shift vinyl car wrap is a wrap that changes colors depending on things like lighting and the angle you’re viewing it from. 3M Certified UASG Installers use durable vinyl film that adheres to all or parts of a car’s exterior. The owner can choose various colors, patterns, graphics, and finishes to solidify their vision. 

    A custom paint job used to be the only option in changing the color of a vehicle. But progress in vehicle wrap technology and materials has come a long way. It allows owners to put their vehicle and personality on display. With a color-shifting car wrap, your vehicle is sure to glean the attention of passerby. 

    Why Do People Change Their Car's Color With A Wrap?

    People use color-shifting car wraps for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the reasons this type of wrap might be worth considering:

    1. Customization: Nothing says “I love my car” quite like a custom look. Using a car wrap lets you select color combinations that no one else will have. Designers use shading and highlights to create special effects guaranteed to turn heads. Faux textures like water beads or stainless-steel rivets show off your personal touch.
    2. Bored with your current color: Maybe your leased car wasn’t available in the color you wanted. Or maybe your car’s color has lost its appeal. Either way, a vehicle wrap allows you to change your car's look as often as you desire.
    3. Color-changing car wraps are temporary: A new paint job on a leased vehicle would mean huge penalties. Different color car wraps can be very temporary, but a paint job feels permanent. When you change your car’s color with a wrap, you can have the wrap removed later without damaging the original paint job.
    4. Car wraps are faster than paint jobs: A typical paint job may take up to a week or more to complete. And that’s after waiting to get scheduled. In contrast, a color-changing car wrap is usually finished in a couple of days.
    5. It’s less costly: Paint work on a car, especially custom, can really put a dent in your budget. Using a wrap to change your paint color costs considerably less.
    6. Revitalize an old car - We’ve all had that “one” car. That car that held so much history we couldn’t let it go. But it’s hard to feel good about a vehicle that shows its age with fading and oxidized paint. A color-changing car wrap is ideal for giving your car a facelift for less. Need to wrap a bus instead? Discover bus wraps here.

    Benefits Of A Color-Shift Wrap

    Protects The Original Paint
    Many owners and collectors are concerned with preserving a car’s value. Using a color-changing car wrap guarantees the paint will look brand new. The wrapping material can be a barrier against scratches, chips, and UV ray damage.

    And a vehicle can really stand out, especially if you select a luminous color-changing finish. As the sun hits it, the appearance shifts.

    No Paint Matching Is Needed
    If you’ve ever had a fender bender, you know how frustrating it can be to restore your car to its original beauty. During the process, you choose to either live with an “almost” match or repaint the entire car. That frustration is non-existent if you use a car wrap. Once the repairs are made, an installer can print another wrap for any piece you need.

    Creativity Is Limitless
    Color shift film can “shift” the wrap color depending on the viewing angle. It mimics the mother-of-pearl paint finish only seen on expensive custom cars. Finishes can be shiny or matte, depending on your preference. And your color options are nearly endless.

    What’s The Process & Maintenance For A Color-Changing Car Wrap?

    The process of wrapping a car requires a bit of prep work. The customer consults early with the team to solidify the colors and graphics used. After the estimate is approved, the customer leaves a deposit. The car is dropped off after being thoroughly washed. Then the installation team takes over.

    • Extras Are Removed. These include lights, emblems, handles, bumpers, plates, and wiper nozzles.
    • The Car Is Detailed & Prepped. Another wash and detail help to prepare the paint surface.
    • Wrap Is Applied. A heat gun heats the material to conform to the car’s contours. Then a squeegee goes over the surface to remove any bubbling.
    • All Extras Are Reinstalled
    • Quality manufacturers guarantee against color fading for 5-7 years. Many installers will warranty their work against peel-ups for one year.
    • Hand-washing is highly recommended. No automatic car wash brushes.

    Want to learn more about wraps and graphics installation? Visit our blog!

    Color-Changing Car Wrapping Ideas

    Here are some inspirational ideas for your wrap:

    • Camouflage
    • Gunmetal
    • Stainless Steel
    • Matte Black
    • Mother-Of-Pearl
    • Chrome
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Silver Glitter
    • Gloss
    • Satin
    • Any Color You Want

    Your possibilities are endless when you change your car color with a wrap. You save money, get a custom appearance, and protect the original paint job.

    Contact a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company near you for your car wraps, truck wraps or fleet wraps. They're widely regarded as the best in the wrap industry. Turn your imagination into your next paint job!

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