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  Custom floor designs let you personalize and customize your space, making it unique and inviting.  
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    It's common to use the windows or walls in your business or event space to display signage, full-color graphics, and interesting wall wraps but have you considered utilizing a floor decal? Making high-traffic areas where people walk more visually pleasing can really have a big impact. They can help direct foot traffic and of course, get people talking.

    Whether you own a restaurant, a fitness center, a parking lot, or are in charge of a large-scale project at an airport or even a sports stadium, the options for floor graphics are nearly endless. They're a cost-effective option worth thinking about!

    Ready to create your floor graphics strategy? Contact one of our UASG Certified Graphics Installation Companies and they’ll help you bring your ideas to reality!

    What Are Floor Graphics?

    You can add vinyl graphics to most surfaces. Surfaces such as wood, tile (without grout lines), laminate, polished concrete, and more! You can even have them installed in parking lots or take advantage of sidewalk graphics to beautify the areas around your business.

    Custom floor designs let you personalize and customize your space, making it unique and inviting to regulars, as well as potential new clients. Floor graphics may include important information such as directions, your logo, a custom shape, pictures, and so much more. You can also utilize a floor decal to market a special sale, promote top sellers or a particular product line, or make an event venue feel extra special for guests. You can also create an artistic experience by having a mural printed and installed on the surface of your floors. Floor graphics can be whatever you want them to be!

    With adhesive vinyl, you can create an entire decal or graphic that's not only personalized but also removable. And they're great for indoor or outdoor use (they're weather resistant). With floor decals, the flexibility is unmatched.

    What can you do with floor graphics?

    These days everyone seems to be glued to their phones, so grab their attention in a new way. Use vinyl wraps on your walls to make your environment more eye-catching and then go the extra mile with the surface that they walk on.

    Floor decals with directional arrows are especially useful for events, busy offices, warehouses, and even grocery stores. Just think about how useful and commonly used floor signs were during the pandemic. Installation is quick and easy with a trusted UASG installer. And the printed product will be beautiful too.

    Moreover, custom floor graphics and floor decals have a special ability. They can grab the attention of prospective consumers before they make a shopping choice. This gives your company a voice at crucial times in the purchasing process

    You can also use floor decals for the following purposes:

    • Team name or logo on a basketball court (think stadiums, high schools, and tournaments)
    • Custom floor decals for the dance floor during a wedding or celebration
    • A small sign or a particular shape to mark where the line starts in a restaurant or shop

    Vinyl floor graphics work great on tile (without grout lines), sealed concrete, and laminate. They work on nearly any material and surface. And since they're flat, you don't have to worry about them being a tripping hazard; they're meant to be slip-resistant, durable, and scuff resistant too.

    And since decals feature removable adhesive, you can swap out your floor decal as needed.

    Interior Floor Graphics & Sidewalk Decals

    Grab the attention of those who pass by and get those feet headed in the direction that you want them to go with colorful and attention-grabbing vinyl floor graphics. They’re affordable, attractive, and super customizable. You can select a custom shape, custom size, and your ideal colors. And when you hire a trusted professional, the whole process becomes easier. Once you're ready to have your floor graphic removed, it's as easy as making a call and getting it scheduled. This makes floor wraps ideal for both temporary advertising and long-term branding solutions.

    When & Where to Use Floor Signage

    Vinyl floor graphics are so versatile. You can use them indoors or outdoors, even on textured surfaces like concrete. You can create wayfinding in-stores, instruct participants in road races, for educational signage, and improve branding. With a protective coating, you can ensure your floor graphics last as long as possible, too. The top coat lets vinyl graphics resist UV rays, dirt, and anything else that could cause them to peel or fade. They're printed with durable, long-lasting material.

    Here are just some of the locations where a printed floor graphic makes a whole lot of sense:

    • Warehouses and factories
    • Sidewalks and alleys
    • Garages & car dealerships
    • Supermarkets
    • Schools
    • Gymnasiums
    • Playgrounds
    • Trade shows
    • Museums
    • Theme parks
    • Parks
    • Retail shops
    • Concert venues
    • Road races and other fitness events

    Are Floor Graphics Effective?

    Besides being appealing and attractive, vinyl floor graphics are cost-effective and enticing. You can use them to improve existing signage without reducing the available flooring people use to walk on. By hiring a trained professional to handle your floor decal you can count on it looking professional, being slip-resistant, and their removal being easy whenever it's needed.

    We think floor decals are amazing and effective, but we aren't the only ones who think so. Check out the study from The Center for Advanced Retail and Technology, or CART. You can read more about it here. But what they found is that floor graphics boosted sales by 17 percent. So let your creativity flow and reach out to a UASG-certified installer today, because customers are more likely to spend time in an area that features floor graphics. They're eye-catching!

    How Long Do Floor Graphics Last?

    Vinyl graphics last a longer time than many people think. Floor graphics are subject to extra wear since people step on them. There's no way around that, but with a protective overlay, they should be scratch, scuff, and slip-resistant. With careful application by a trained professional, they should stick appropriately and securely to the surface of your floor. And if you're careful to use a gentle soap when mopping, they should stand up to cleaning, too.

    How long floor graphics last depends on where you decide to put them and how much wear and tear they get. The quality matters as well. If the graphic isn't completely dry, doesn't feature high-quality adhesive, or isn't installed correctly, then the longevity will suffer. By choosing a trusted professional to print and install your graphic, you could be looking at years with careful attention.

    Want to learn more about wraps and graphics installation? Visit our blog!

    Outdoor floor graphics will likely last less time because they're subject to the elements. So you're probably looking at months instead of years. The graphics you apply outside receive wear from weather, including rain, dirt, and the sun. This will speed up the wear process. There's another issue that happens from time to time. Being outdoors exposes them to pretty drastic temperature changes. This can damage the adhesive on the back of the graphics.

    We know you can't control the weather. There are things you can do, though! You should apply the vinyl with care for the longest-lasting floor graphics possible. If you ensure the adhesive bonds to the surface with no air bubbles, that will repel water. A trained professional can do all of this!

    For the best results, follow these steps:

    • When applying graphics on asphalt or concrete, pick a flat, level area with few flaws. If you can’t avoid gaps or cracks, patch them and let them dry before adding the graphic.
    • Avoid placing graphics where they may get submerged in the event of heavy rain or thawing snow.
    • Use a heat gun on the vinyl if it bubbles over cracks in the asphalt.

    Floor graphics installed outside obviously endure more wear. You should pick the most durable vinyl and top layer possible to help it last longer. Even so, your outdoor floor graphics will likely need replacement more often.

    Get started now on your custom floor graphics strategy!

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    Creating a Vision for Your Floor Graphics

    Are you getting excited imagining all the possibilities? Let's discuss how our installers craft your floor graphics from beginning to end. Every business is unique. But here's what our installers do, in general, to help you get the images you want:

    The location: What surface do you want to adhere the graphics to? Is it indoor or outdoor? What kind of foot traffic will the graphics see? The kind of floor and how busy it will be will determine a few things. These include: how strong your adhesive will be, whether you’ll need a covering, and how long it may last. Also, be sure to choose a slip resistant surface.

    The limits: Are you hoping to place graphics on linoleum or carpet? No matter the site, we will determine what kinds of vinyl and acrylic adhesive you need. There are few limits to the possibilities, to be honest! You can even put a temporary vinyl floor graphic on AstroTurf.

    Is your graphics plan for wayfinding in a busy factory or big box store? The shelves, machinery, or whatever else might limit the size of the floor graphics. We can work around it, though. Even small floor graphics can have a big impact.

    But, sometimes bigger can be better. Imagine the scale using floor graphics in a museum, zoo facility, amusement park, or stadium! You can use floor graphics to create a stunning experience in all of these cases. They're also a perfect option for experiential marketing at trade shows or pop-ups!

    The vision: Are you hoping to increase sales? Capture attention? Draw foot traffic to a certain place? Or create a larger-than-life experience and a sense of wonder? Whatever you want to achieve, we can help you get started. Contact one of our trusted UASG installers today!

    Whether your project is large or small, indoor or outdoor—UASG Certified Graphics Installation Companies can help you create the perfect floor wrap for you space.

    Find a UASG Certified Graphics Installation Company near you and start crafting your floor wrap today!

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