Our commitment to the graphics industry is matched only by our love for it.

We Take Pride in Our Industry

Our Promise

To organize and promote the professionalism of graphics installation companies.

Our Mission

To establish the standards for the graphics installation trade by cultivating quality, integrity, professionalism, reliability, and comradery among members.

Value Proposition

The UASG is a national network of graphic installation companies. Our members are committed to installing your jobs better, on-time, within budget, as expected, and represent your company professionally.


Our members help and support one another and that benefits customers in the long run.


A Step Above the Rest

The installers that participate in the UASG and the 3M Certified Graphic Installation
program are set apart by successfully meeting all of the following criteria:

Skill & Training

- Written test at 3M
- Timed hands-on test at 3M
- On-site interview
- Ongoing training and education


- Minimum 3 years in business
- Multiple positive industry references
- Adherence to a code of conduct
- On site interview


- Proof of insurance and W9
- Proof of employment for installers
- Proof of job and warranty records
- MSDS sheets on hand

Community Supported

Defined by Excellence

Established in 1999 by leaders in the installation community, the UASG distinguished itself as being the first organization of its kind to require companies to meet a varied criteria to become members. The criteria include a high level of professionalism, a proven track record, and a high level of hands-on installation skill. The screening process, by which companies are evaluated, was developed to give a fair and accurate assessment and eliminate any personal bias that might exist.

Raising the Bar

When the organization was founded, the installation community lacked representation on a national level. There were few resources for a business owner to turn to when they had a problem or needed a source of information for problems specific to their line of work. The UASG has filled these voids. We have successfully worked to raise the “bar” for decal installers so that the true professionals can identify themselves to the rest of the industry.

Supported by Members, For Members

The organization is made up of companies that employ full time installers. Whether you are a one-man operation or have a staff of installers as a part of your graphic manufacturing business, you can participate and gain the benefits of membership. The organization’s focus, activities, services, and dues are determined by the members themselves. All members have an opportunity to be a part of the elected Board of Directors. Through our annual meetings and ongoing communications, we provide our members with information on everything from new products and installation tips to health care and human resources. We serve as a clearinghouse of information and research assistance for solving problems in all areas of business. When a member needs help, we’re there for them.

We work hard to ensure that our members are of high integrity as well as installation skill. They are the specified vendors for a multitude of national accounts and are considered to be the strongest installation contractors in the country. Building relationships with customers requires mutual trust and commitment from all. Customers can rest assured that all members of the UASG organization agree to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.