Frequently Asked Questions

The UASG stands for United Application Standards Group. It is the country's leading group of professional graphic installers - proven and tested to be the best in the business. The UASG has distinguished itself by being the first organization of its kind to require every decal installer to meet high standards of professionalism and installation skill.

Since 2000, the UASG has worked closely with the 3M Commercial Solutions Division to administer the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company program. You must be a UASG member in good standing to be eligible to qualify as a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company.

Every member is a legally formed company that has been in business for a minimum of three years, and has successfully met the criteria as a business and an installer to participate.

Each company that is a member employs at least one full time installer. Many have larger installation staffs, and most have administrative staff as well.

Every member must show proof of $1,000,000 in general liability insurance when they submit their application, and again every year as they renew their membership.

The UASG has personally visited every member's business to view their operations and installation practices as part of the membership process.

The UASG members have gone to 3M headquarters in St. Paul, MN and passed both a hands on and written test. The structure and scoring of the program have been reviewed by ISO.

UASG installers keep detailed job records including VIN's, warranty information and photographs to document their work.

The UASG outlines a Code of Conduct by which its members are held accountable and are to adhere to fair and honest business practices. Members understand that back soliciting is prohibited and upholding not only their reputation, but the reputation of those they serve is expected.

The firms represented by the UASG are all "for-hire" installers. Some do have the capability to produce and manufacture, while others provide only installation labor. All of our members are willing and able to offer only installation services for resale.

UASG installers are able to install graphic films for a variety of applications. They can provide experienced application services for vehicle wraps, vehicle decals, trailer and fleet graphics, bus wraps, window decals, wall graphics, boat wraps and just about anything graphic film will adhere to.

The companies in the UASG can also provide removal of decals and wraps, including the necessary expertise, chemicals, and equipment to do so efficiently.

Many graphic installers that participate in the UASG are also able to install general signage, banners, and displays in addition to adhesive graphic films.

UASG members can provide site surveys to measure, photograph, and assess project sites.

Most UASG members will provide scaffolding, aerial lifts, lighting and other equipment if necessary.

Most UASG members have climate controlled facilities if needed or are willing to travel on site if necessary.

With dedicated installation staffs, most UASG members can help with larger volume projects, rush orders and after hours/weekend installations.

Our members are located throughout the United States and can be found by visiting the UASG website.

Under common-law rules, anyone who performs services for you is your employee if you have the right to control what will be done and how it will be done. This is so even when you give the employee freedom of action. What matters is that you have the right to control the details of how the services are performed. For a discussion of facts that indicate whether an individual providing services is an independent contractor or employee, see Section 2. If you have an employer-employee relationship, it makes no difference how it is labeled. The substance of the relationship, not the label, governs the worker's status. It does not matter whether the individual is employed full-time or part-time.