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Any company interested in becoming a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company must first complete an application for membership. Please read the outline of the UASG certification process below before continuing.


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Outline of the UASG Certification Process

  1. Application Received
    Application fee of $750.00.The following required documentation:

    • Verification of employment for installer who will test
    • 3-4 photos of recent work
    • Proof of being in business for 3 years
    • Proof of liability insurance ($1,000.000 in general liability)
    • Worker’s compensation insurance (if applicable).
  2. Reference Requests
    Reference request forms are sent out to all six of the listed references; the listed references are asked to rate the applicant in five different categories. There is 60 day window for responses to be received from the references.
  3. On-site Interview
    An on-site interview is conducted, proof that the company’s installers are employees is viewed, certain questions are asked and answers are scored.  An installation in progress completed by the designated installer who will test (a requirement to move forward) is evaluated on a form that the interviewer is using and is scored appropriately.
  4. Application Summary
    A summary is prepared based on the references and interview.  The summary is distributed to the Certification Committee for approval.  If approved, the applicant is invited to proceed to the testing phase.  If rejected, the applicant is sent the appropriate denial letter.
  5. Testing Phase
    Hands-on and written testing is conducted on a regular basis in St Paul, MN at the 3M facility.  The hands-on portion of the test consists of several stations – compound curves, corrugations, flat walls, rough surface walls, floor graphics, etc.  The written test is 50 questions based on 3M product bulletins and instruction bulletins as well as common knowledge information.  A score of 80% on the hands-on and written test is required to pass the testing phase of the process.An overall score (on both the reference/interview and testing) must be above 80% to be approved for certification.A score of less than 75 on any one station will be considered a failure of the entire hands-on portion of the test. The applicant will be allowed to reschedule at a later date to attempt the test again.
  6. Certification
    Once the applicant has passed the hands-on and written tests, the scores are reviewed by the UASG and 3M.  When both agree, the company is then considered a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company.
  7. Compliance Forms
    On a yearly basis, the certified company must submit evidence of the continued employment of the tested installer.
  8. Continuing Education
    New materials and tools will be introduced periodically by 3M and training on these new materials and tools will be required on an as-needed basis.